Dr. Gregory​

Medical products designed for home-based care.

Our mission

is to build the future of healthcare at home with home-care products.

We’re focused on the patients’ experience and their trusting connection with doctors.

We want to provide compassion in every product as if we were providing you the care, too.

We’re inspired

By years of modern in-home care experience - and the legacy of one house-call physician

After hundreds of in-home hospitalizations, I saw how meaningful healthcare can be for clinicians and patients. As their in-home  physician, I see how their lifestyle affects their health. I see the pets and hobbies that brighten their lives.

My dream has been to use my expertise and disrupt ‘industrial healthcare’ with tools to bring healthcare home.

Love is the source of true health, and love is found in the home.

About Dr. Gregory

Gregory Goodman, M.D., is a practicing Internal Medical physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. His clinical focus is on building new models of innovative home-based care.

As a physician entrepreneur and multiple company founder, he’s committed to helping doctors live their mission and care for patients authentically. 

After successfully launching a PPE line for community healthcare workers, the Dr. Gregory brand arose to continue supporting in-home care with designer home health products.

Inspiration for Dr. Gregory Products

My grandfather began a legacy of compassionate care…

Dr. Fainman was a general practitioner with two locations and hundreds of house call patients. He would often take a financial loss to care for his community, who trusted and relied on him

That’s the legacy… and now, new technology can make home-based healthcare a sustainable reality.

Let’s bring healthcare home…and make it about people again.

Create your custom kit and experience care at home.